Tree Consultancy

Why do I need to hire a Tree Consultant ?

  • For QCAT Neighbor Dispute Resolution issues

  • Arb Reports for Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Noosa Council development approvals

  • Site Arborist for Development sites

  • Level 5 Arborist to assess your trees for safety and retention and correct management of your trees .

  • The development and implementation of Tree Management plan  to manage your trees on an small or large scale site

What does this include ?

  • 20 Million Public Liability Insurance

  • 5 Million Indemnity Insurance

  • Site Inspection

  • Preparation of the Arboricultural Report

  • Court or Council Representation if required

  • Professional client representation at all times

  • AQF Level 5 Arborist 

Managing The Tree's You Care About and Removing The Trees You Worry About

Sunshine Coast Tree Works

Servicing the Gympie to North Brisbane for over 30 years

20 Million Public Liability Insurance

AQF Level 5 and AQF Level 3 Arborists

24 Hour Emergency Service