Tree Health Management In The Queensland Summer

As the temperatures begin to melt the roads and the permanent bead of sweat is on your brow from the minute you leave your house till you return the spare a thought for the shade sanctuary providers ... our trees.

We need to look at what we can do to help are fellow earth organisms that we have forced into our human urban jungle.

First thing we can begin to do is start if you haven't already a relationship with your trees and use your already learned reference points such as " how does it look ? " , " Hows the weather been ? " , "How does it feel ?" . These are great starting points to building up a data base much like a dear friend who you haven't seen for a few weeks as they have been on holiday , are they tanned , did they put on weight , did they loose weight , did they change their hair colour. These same observations we can apply to your trees , Have the leaves thinned out or is the foliage lush, Is the bark flaking , has it gotten taller etc etc.

From hear the relationship starts and your community just expanded past just mammals.

We will post weekly insights into our trees and teaching you their cool language


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